Ways Patients Have Improved Their Smiles in 2017

It’s the end of another year, which means it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on all the good times—and the improved smiles—of 2017. At Advanced Dental Arts, we have had so many patients change their smiles for the better this year. Some improved the appearance of their smiles, some improved the overall health of their smiles, and some went all the way and improved both.

Few people are born with perfect, Hollywood smiles, so veneers can be a huge help. This year, many patients have had these thin, tooth-colored shells attached to the front of teeth with dental flaws.

Routine Dental Appointments
Dental cleaning appointments are one of the top ways to improve and maintain the health of your smile. During this appointment, our dentists examine the health of the teeth and gums to see if any additional dental treatment is needed.

Dental Bonding
Some of our patients that were hesitant to smile because of things like chipped, cracked, or stained teeth chose dental bonding this year. This quick and easy cosmetic treatment can boost confidence in no time!

Dental Implants
A lost tooth can cause problems for both the appearance and function of the smile. Dental implants replace not only the visible part of the tooth, but the root as well.

Dental Bridges
Another popular tooth-replacement option in 2017 was dental bridges. A dental bridge is a great choice for those who would like to restore the health, beauty, and functionality of their smile, but are hesitant about the dental surgery that is required with dental implants.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about these or any other dental service and to help you schedule a consultation with our dentists in Scituate, Massachusetts. Call our office at 617-934-4952 today!

Oral Cancer: Signs to Watch For

Oral cancer includes cancers that occur in the lip, the mouth, the throat, the tonsils, or the salivary glands. When oral cancer is not detected early, it can be fatal. Detecting oral cancer early is important to successful treatment.

Oral Cancer Symptoms
In addition to coming to your regular professional teeth cleaning appointments, visit Advanced Dental Arts today if you notice any of the following symptoms:

– A persistent sore on the gums, lips, or inside of your mouth
– A lump or swelling anywhere around (or in) your mouth or throat
– Numbness or loss of feeling inside of the mouth
– Difficulty eating
– White or red patches inside of the oral cavity
– Unexplained soreness in the mouth
– A feeling that something is caught in the throat
– A change in voice
– A swelling of the jaw
– Ear pain
– Trouble moving your jaw or tongue
– Lingering hoarseness or sore throat

Oral Cancer Screening
It is important to realize that you may not always be able to detect the earliest signs of oral cancer yourself. Because of this, regular appointments with our dentists are imperative. Our dentists may perform an oral cancer screening when you come in for your professional dental cleaning appointment. This screening will occur every six months, so oral cancer can be detected and treated early.

We encourage you to contact our office at 617-934-4952 today if you would like to learn more about screening for oral cancer in Scituate, Massachusetts, and to schedule a visit.

Dental Restoration Options: Bridges or Dental Implants?

If you have lost a tooth, whether it was due to decay or injury, it can have several detrimental effects on your mouth and quality of life. It can alter your chewing abilities, speech patterns and appearance. In time it can even cause your adjacent teeth to shift out of their correct alignment and also weaken the pattern of your jaw.

Thankfully, with proper treatment, this doesn’t have to happen to you. Instead, you can explore the dental restoration options available at one of our Massachusetts clinics. The two most common choices are a bridge or a dental implant.

A bridge is a firm, durable piece of dental work that looks like three artificial teeth. The two teeth on either end have hollow cores and are called crowns. This will fit onto the two teeth adjacent to the gap, anchoring the tooth in the middle, which is called a pontic. This appliance can be custom-created to match your teeth in shape and color and can be placed in two dental appointments without the need for invasive surgery. A typical bridge will last for ten years.

Dental implants are one of the biggest innovations in dentistry in the past forty years. A dental implant is composed of a titanium post implanted in your jaw which is attached to a crown. It requires at least one oral surgery to install a titanium abutment directly into the underlying bone structure. Titanium is known for being biologically safe and will bond with the living bone tissue in that area of your jaw. Dental implants function exactly like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime.

If you are in the Scituate, Norwell, or Quincy, Massachusetts area and are missing a tooth, you can call 617-934-4952 to set up a dental restoration consultation with one of our dentists.

Proper Flossing Tips

Our dentists and team encourage each of our patients to brush and floss diligently every day. Individuals should brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. Unfortunately, there are many people who leave flossing out of their dental hygiene routine. Others do not know how to floss properly. Our dentists and team are pleased to give you tips on proper flossing.

Before you begin, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. This is especially important if you haven’t flossed in a while, as you may experience some bleeding and germs from your hands could infect your gums.

Start with about 18 inches of floss. Wrap most of the floss around each of your middle fingers, leaving about one to two inches in between. Hold the floss tautly between your thumbs and index fingers and gently work it in between each tooth. Slide the floss gently up and down between each tooth.

Use the extra floss to change to a new section from time to time. The finger with less floss will take up floss as it becomes dirty. This prevents the transfer of bacteria from one place to another. Make sure you go beneath the gum line by curving the floss in a C-shape around the bottom of each tooth. Never snap the floss into the gums, as this can damage the tissue.

If you floss your teeth before brushing, make sure that you brush well afterward. If you brush first, consider using a mouthwash afterward to remove the loosened bacteria from your mouth.

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Brushing and Flossing and Mouthwash, Oh My

The basics of taking care of your mouth are just that: basic. They are very easy to put into place, and with a little diligence, these habits will build the foundation of a healthy smile for a lifetime. Here are the fundamental routines to get into for a strong smile.


Brushing: You brush your teeth twice a day, but do you clean them for the full 2 minutes each time? If you struggle to use that much time on your teeth, you are not alone. Try setting a timer, then listening to your favorite music or reflecting on the day. Brush the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces of your teeth, and don’t forget the inside surface of your front teeth! To brush the inside of your front top and bottom teeth: tilt the brush into your mouth, perpendicular to the gums, and use several up-and-down strokes.


Floss: Flossing is a companion to brushing, and should be done once a day, every day. Use 18” of single-filament floss that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Use a new section of thread for each tooth. Don’t forget to floss behind the back molars! It doesn’t matter if you floss before or after you brush, as long as they both get done.


Mouthwash: Mouthwash can be a beneficial addition to the oral hygiene routine of some people. If you choose to use mouthwash, use caution in choosing which product to use. Some mouthwashes are merely cosmetic, freshening breath temporarily but not doing much for your mouth. Therapeutic mouthwashes, on the other hand, are formulated to kill bacteria, whiten teeth, fight plaque, and other positive oral health functions. If you need to avoid alcohol, be sure to read the label carefully, as many mouthwashes contain alcohol. Do not give mouthwash to children under 6 years old.


For more information, call Advanced Dental Arts in Scituate, Massachusetts at 617-934-4952. Dr. and our team look forward to hearing from you!


Do you Need a Flipper to Restore Your Smile?

If you are missing teeth, especially your front teeth, you can feel very self conscious. One way to remedy gaps in your smile is with the use of full or partial dentures. While your permanent dentures are being crafted, your dentist may create a flipper for you to wear.

A flipper is not a true denture per se, but rather a retainer, made of acrylic with one or more replacement teeth. It can easily be moved or “flipped” out of place with your tongue, hence the name. Flippes are not as sturdy regular dentures, so you need to be careful when biting down on food, or placing too much pressure on it. Biting down with a flipper can also move it out of place in your mouth.

Flippers can accumulate food debris and bacteria. You will need to clean your flipper every night, using specially formulated toothpaste that does not contain any abrasives that can scratch the acrylic. Dish soap or hand soap can also be used. Brush your flipper with a soft bristled toothbrush or denture brush You should also soak it at night in a denture solution.

In most cases, a flipper is used as a temporary solution for missing teeth until a partial denture can be made. However some people can use a flipper as a permanent restoration option. Your dentist can advise you on the best way for you to fill in the spaces in your smile.

If you are missing teeth and would like to discuss full or partial dentures, or a flipper with our dentists, we would be happy to see you. If you live in the Scituate, Massachusetts area, call Advanced Dental Arts at 617-934-4952 to make an appointment.

Tooth Decay Causes

Unfortunately, there are many things in the world today that can cause tooth decay. This is unfortunate because tooth decay is one of the most serious and dangerous dental issues that attack your oral health. So, it’s important to avoid cavities as much as possible. To get you started, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to explain some of the causes of tooth decay in Scituate, Massachusetts.

The first cause is poor oral hygiene. If you forget to brush twice a day, floss once a day, rinse daily, and attend your six-month checkups, the harmful substances on your smile, like plaque and bacteria, won’t be removed regularly. This is very dangerous for your smile because if they are not removed daily, they can create cavities.

The second cause is eating tooth-harming foods. As you may already know, sugar creates cavities. But, in addition to sugar, carbohydrates, and acid can promote cavities as well. So, if you eat or drink a lot of sugary, high-carbohydrate, and acidic products, your smile can be vulnerable to tooth decay.

The third cause is not receiving enough fluoride. Your teeth need fluoride. This is because fluoride is a natural mineral that dives into the tooth enamel and strengthens it. Without fluoride, the tooth enamel weakens and tooth decay attacks.

As you can see, it’s important to clean your smile regularly, avoid eating tooth-harming foods, and expose your teeth to fluoride each day. If you ever suffer a cavity, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

To learn more about the causes behind tooth decay or how to treat a cavity, please contact Advanced Dental Arts at 617-934-4952 today and talk to a member of our dental team. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we are happy to teach you more!

Information About Your Routine Appointment

While brushing and flossing your teeth is very important to your dental health, it is also imperative that you visit your dentist regularly. Our dentists and team recommend that you and your child come in for a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months. Keep reading to learn what to expect during your appointment.

Professional Dental Cleaning
When you come in for your appointment, our hygienist will first use a small, metal tool to remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth. Then the hygienist will floss between each of your teeth. Depending on your individual needs, dental fluoride may be applied. Then your teeth will be polished to give them extra shine.

Thorough Dental Exam
Then our dentists will examine your teeth and gums thoroughly. They will check your gums for signs of gum disease and other issues. Our dentists will then perform an oral cancer screening. They will decide whether or not you need dental X-rays taken.

Dental Consultation
If any dental problems were found, our dentists will discuss them with you and go over your treatment options. We want you to be able to take an active role in your dental treatment, so we will answer any questions you may have. Of course, the final decision about your treatment plan is yours to make.

Please contact Advanced Dental Arts at 617-934-4952 today to learn more about teeth cleaning in Scituate, Massachusetts, and to schedule your next visit.

Learn About Sugarless Gum

Did you know, sugarless gum can help you improve your oral health? Well, it’s true! Sugarless gum has many great things to offer for your oral health, which is why Dr. Chan, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Hur, and the team here at Advanced Dental Arts is happy to tell you the benefits of sugarless gum.

Keeping your teeth clean is essential, which is why sugarless gum can be effective. Check out these benefits here:

– Sugarless gum helps after meals, but it is not a substitute for brushing and flossing each day.
– Sugarless gum increases your saliva flow. Saliva is important because it washes away food particles, neutralizes acids produced by bacteria, and provides disease-fighting substances throughout the mouth.
– Studies have shown chewing sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after a meal can work to fight off cavities because of the saliva production.
– Sugarless gum can also help prevent heartburn. This is valuable because the acids in your esophagus can damage your teeth and weaken your enamel.
– Sugarless gum should never be used if you experience any tooth sensitivity or jaw pain at all.
-Remember to pick sugarless gum that has been awarded the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

To learn more about your oral health, or if you would like to find out if you have any cavities, please call us today at 617-934-4952 to set up an appointment with our dentists in Scituate, Massachusetts. Our friendly and professional dental team is happy to assist you with top-quality oral care.

Save Your Smile with Laser Therapy

Did you know that lasers can be used in a multitude of oral health care procedures to improve your smile? Not only have lasers been proven effective in many procedures, but they can reach levels of precision that were once only dreamed of.

Save your smile with laser therapy. Here’s how:

– To avoid unnecessary cutting, lasers can be used to burn away canker sores and lesions.
– If you are in need of a dental filling, laser dentistry can be used to prepare a tooth by zapping away harmful decay around the cavity to prepare the tooth for a successful filling.
– Lasers are highly effective at reshaping gums and removing debris when needed, which can be useful for gummy smiles or those with periodontitis.
– If you are in need of a tooth whitening treatment, advance gels can be placed on your teeth and activated with laser dentistry to do their magic.

For more laser dentistry advice and help from our team at Advanced Dental Arts, come in for a visit. If you would like an oral exam, please book an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Scituate, Massachusetts. We can be reached at 617-934-4952. Come see us for the smile of your dreams.