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Time to get your smile ready for the new school year! If you check off the tasks in the following list, your smile will be ready to brighten your yearbook picture, greet your crush, and eat the lunchroom food:

1. Schedule your dental checkups.
As you make your last-minute back-to-school errands, call our office and schedule your dental cleanings! These appointments are very important and most people often forget about them. Instead of forgetting about your appointments, you can schedule them now and geteverything squared away!

2. Establish an oral hygiene routine.
If you establish an oral hygiene routine now, you won’t forget to brush and floss your teeth as you rush out the door in the mornings. This will help you avoid embarrassing moments like the moments when you get to school and realize that you have smelly breath and food stuck in your teeth. It will also help you maintain a strong and healthy oral cavity!

3. Pack healthy food in your lunch.
Did you know that healthy food is extremely beneficial for your teeth? Well, it’s true! If you pack healthy food in your lunch, like fruit, vegetables, and string cheese, your smile will be nourished and strengthened. Do your best to avoid eating candy, granola bars, and fruit roll-ups.

4. Guard your smile with a mouth guard.
If you participate in contact sports or activities, it is best to do so with a mouth guard. If you protect your smile by wearing a mouth guard, the hard, forceful objects that hit it will refrain from injuring your oral cavity.

5. Replace your toothbrush.
It’s time to replace your toothbrush if you have used your brush for more than 3 or 4 months or if the bristles have frayed. If you have a strong and functional brush, you will have a strong and functional oral health!

Call our office now for more tips on getting your smile ready for school! We are here to help you improve your oral health and dental experience as much as possible.