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Keep your mouth healthy with dental crowns. Dental crowns can be crafted to fit your individualized plan to better conceal and protect any specific tooth you have that is giving you problems.

Your problematic teeth do not have to be removed, as dental crowns form a shell around them. If you are interested in saving any problematic tooth with a dental crown, here are some additional benefits crowns can provide:

– Age: As we get older, our teeth age with us. Teeth can become weak and crack, split, or decay. Crowns work to protect teeth and prevent further damage.
– Cosmetic: Dental crowns can be crafted to mimic your other teeth for a natural, healthy look.
– Coverings: Dental crowns are great for covering fillings, bridges, implants, or root canals.
– Support: Dental crowns can support broken teeth by holding the pieces together, or even covering teeth that are nearly gone.
– Irregularities: Dental crowns can help conceal many types of irregularities in tooth size or shape, and imperfections in color or curvature.

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