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Did you know that roughly 42,000 people in the United States every year are diagnosed with oral cancer? Given how prevalent it is, you should make the time to have a yearly screening to test for oral cancer. If you notice any irregularities in your mouth, speak with our dentist about scheduling an oral exam as soon as you can.

Our practice uses VELscope® oral cancer screening, an advanced device utilizing specific wavelengths of light to bring possible cancerous anomalies in the tissues of your mouth to our attention. We want to help make sure your gums and teeth remain in excellent health. So what are some signs to look out for?

One typical symptom of oral cancer is irregularities with your gums. If your mouth is excessively swollen or bleeding over an extended period of time, you should get checked for oral cancer. Look for red, speckled or white spots along your mouth and gums and crusts or rough spots that tend to stay for a long period of time or continue to return.

If you have a loss of feeling or numbness in your mouth, face, or neck, oral cancer could be the cause. Ear pain can also be a symptom, as well as an unusual change in the alignment of your teeth and a change in your ability to open and close your mouth effectively. Also, check for an unusual feeling in your throat or difficulties with speaking or eating.

To discuss your screening options with Dr. Nathaniel Chan and the rest of our team at Quincy Center Dental Associates, we encourage you to schedule an appointment in Quincy, Massachusetts by calling 617-934-4914. We are here to assist you with all of your oral health needs!