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Tooth sensitivity can be a pain, especially when it hurts to brush and floss your teeth as well as eat and drink hot and cold products. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, our Quincy Center Dental Associates team is happy to tell you that there are many treatments available that can help you, including:

· Desensitizing toothpaste: Desensitizing toothpaste is very helpful because it blocks the pathways that lead to your tooth’s nerve. The compounds in the paste will keep sensations away from your tooth after you have applied the toothpaste a few times.
· Fluoride gel: Fluoride gel is an in-office treatment that strengthens your tooth enamel and also blocks the pathways leading to the tooth’s nerve.
· Dental work: A dental crown, dental filling, dental inlay, or dental bonding can help reduce the sensitivity by fixing a flaw in your tooth or eliminating tooth decay.
· Surgical gum graft: Surgical gum grafting is helpful when your gums have pulled away from your teeth and have exposed the roots. This treatment puts the gums back into place and it protects the roots, reducing the sensitivity.
· Root canal treatment: Root canal therapy is generally the last resort when it comes to treating tooth sensitivity. If it cannot be fixed by other treatments, a root canal will surely be the solution.

Now remember, each treatment depends on the cause of the sensitivity. Some causes can include cavities, worn tooth enamel, fractured teeth, gum disease, exposed tooth roots, and worn fillings. If you’re interested to know the cause of your sensitivity and the treatment that can help you, we recommend calling 617-934-4914 and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Nathaniel Chan. We are happy to help you!